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Anonymous asked: ALways remember that your anxiety doesn't make you weak. Just the fact that you're going through it/have gone through it makes you badass.


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Shitty day today, this week is just getting worse.

Not looking forward to tomorrow or any other day.

I cannot function, how do I do anything when it gets this bad.

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Anxious as fuck! Seriously every little sound is making me panicky and jumpy :( I don’t think I’m going to get any sleep tonight, I’m on edge.

I’m triggered by so many thoughts, I need to get myself out of this cycle.

I hate being like this. I’m literally sitting in bed with a weapon by my side incase someone breaks in, how did I get like this?!

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I’m not wanted anywhere, I wish I had the ability and funds to live on my own because I would be out of here in a shot.

I do not need to be in environment in which I am not wanted. Open your eyes, everyday is not a fucking walk in the park for me, I’m struggling. And I’m struggling with trying not fall even deeper.

I already feel alone and judged, I wish I didn’t have to be in this place and around these people who don’t care. They look at me like I’m a waste of space and think that either suffering from mental health illnesses are not real or that they just disappear after a while.

Honestly I just can’t deal with this, I’m trying so hard to keep my calm :(
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Better yet I’ll deal with stuff next year…

Better yet I’ll deal with stuff next year…

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Depressive episode:Hiiiii
Me:No, fuck you. I'm getting better, and I don't want another med increase or addition. Things are improving. Please go away.
Depressive episode:lolthatwonthappen
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Too many hours in a day, then the next day, then the next day and the next…

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Sometimes I feel so empty and hollow, nothing hurts

Some days I feel so ripped and torn, everything hurts

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gotekii45 Thank you, I def needed that hug ((hugs back))

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Feeling extremely anxious and shaky.
I have no idea :(

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